Take a look at Tax Reliefs if you would like to find out more about tax relief on pensions contributions. The Tax Reliefs website was created to raise awareness about gift aid and pension relief, providing a valuable service for hardworking taxpayers in the UK. If you have been paying tax on pension contributions, get in touch with the Tax Reliefs team today. If you’re a higher or additional tax payer, the extra 20% or 25% you’ve been paying on pension contributions has to be reclaimed manually by getting in touch with HMRC or filing a tax return – it won’t be rebated automatically. At Tax Reliefs, help you with to make a claim and retrieve your hard-earned money.

Retrieve Your Funds

Talk to us today if you require further information on getting back what’s rightfully yours. Have you made donations to charity? Then you could be due an extra rebate. Take a look at our Gift Aid Calculator to find out where you stand. You can get in touch with us at any point if you do have any queries about Gift Aid and pension contributions income tax relief.

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