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We are devoted to ensuring that the millions of honest and hard-working people in the UK are receiving all the tax and wider benefits they are entitled to. We have seen far too many occasions where people are unaware of the tax reliefs due to them and it is time for change. We are here to increase awareness of pension relief and gift aid relief.

Pension contributions and charitable donations should be entirely tax free. When you’re paying into your pension, you are due to receive a tax relief on all contributions you make. PAYE does not automatically factor in your tax reliefs, so calculator will be able to give you an accurate idea of what you are missing out on. By continuing to our website, you can easily see if you are due any tax relief or money back by using our simple tax relief calculator.

To begin the calculation, you need to navigate over to our calculator and complete the required information of salary, pension contributions and charitable donations – you can go back 4 tax years, including 2012/13, 2013/2014, 2014/2015 or 2015/2016.

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