Do you want to know how much you’re owed by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)? There are deadlines set on the time you are allowed to claim your money, so it’s imperative to act quickly. By using our simple tax return calculator online, you can see how much you’re owed instantly; and use our expertise to act accordingly in having that money (which is rightfully yours) returned to you. Here at Tax Reliefs, we want to ensure everyone has the money they’ve worked hard for returned to them.

Many people are aware of the words tax return, tax relief and pension contribution, but they may not be entirely sure where they stand with these phrases. Tax is a sum that everyone must pay, everyone’s tax is different, as is everyone’s salary; but as a UK taxpayer, there are certain rebates you are entitled to. With pension contributions and charitable donations, they should be entirely tax free. Tax on pensions are often missed because PAYE does not automatically factor in your tax reliefs – so it’s vital to calculate your due tax rebate, especially if you do not submit a tax return.

The process is simple, as easy as five simple steps – use our calculator, generate your letter, send to HMRC and then receive your rebate. You can find out more about our services by reading our useful ‘How it works’ page.

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